In Plakos career tests consider temperament, being the embedded behavioral characteristics in us (as defined by Keirsey), which - as we believe - are given to us inherently, by birth. Below you will find the 16 temperament types, according to Keirsey / Myers Briggs. These are assessed by the Plakos professional test results, and feedback received from participants.

The temperament describes the way a human being acts and reacts, his behavioral style etc. . This is made up of emotional, auto-motor, attention-related responses, and self-regulation.

The temperament of a man describes his behavior. Everyone is different . Each of us has his own personal behavioral strengths, and weaknesses. However, there are people we share similarities with, and others who are not, at all, similar to us. Some are very open and outgoing, while, in contrast, others are more reserved. Many, often, seek advice, while others tend to trust their own intuition. In short, we have behavior patterns that are more, or less, important in the one, or other profession. For centuries, philosophy and psychology scholars have been trying to define the characteristics of humans and to make sense of our human behaviors. These two sciences developed, for this purpose, the theory of “temperaments”.


The temperament theory comes from the work of psychologists such as Jung, Myers Briggs and Dr. Keirsey . Myers Briggs initiated the MBTI temperament test, which Dr. Keirsey further developed, and published. This test allows you to determine your own temperament, and it serves as the basis for the professional test. Many of the properties that can be determined by the test, enhance your professional skills.

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