Teacher (ENFJ)

Note: Each person is an individual in his own way. In no case the properties, described here, apply fully to you. They serve merely as an inspiration.

Teachers types (ENFJ), are people of highest priority. They, instinctively, repress personal considerations, and are always ready to embark on those of others. They are idealists. Teachers are warm, sociable and able to express themselves linguistically very well, especially in  personal interactions, i.e. face to face.

Bubbling over with enthusiasm, teachers share their feelings with dramatic expressiveness. With training and experience, they can be charismatic public speakers. These verbal skills bring teachers considerable influence within groups, and they are often invited to take a leading role.

Teachers have a natural talent to motivate students or interns to learn, and to awaken the potential of any learner. They can invent fascinating learning activities for their students, in order to attract their interest. Perhaps their greatest strength lies in their belief in students. Teachers uncover and reveal the best in their students, and clearly communicate that each of them has an immense potential. This confidence can inspire their students to grow, and develop more than they ever thought was possible.


You could also call this type "actor". ENFJs are rarely encountered, making up about 3% of the population.

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