Studying in nursing – The most social profession

Waldemar Erdmann
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Studying in nursing - The most social professionNursing is becoming more and more important in our present society as the number of elderly people grows and fewer and fewer young people come along. For that reason, one did not have to be a prophet years ago to be able to predict that good nurses will be in demand. That’s why more and more universities and colleges now offer degree programs in health and nursing.

The various degree programs in the field of nursing

In the meantime, there are various programs in Germany, such as nursing education, nursing management or nursing science. For example, nursing education within health and nursing is concerned with education, training and further education. It ultimately draws on insights from psychology, sociology, health science and didactics. Nursing science deals with questions relating to health care, health care and geriatric care, It draws on insights from sociology, psychology, medicine, health science, biology, philosophy and history. If you would like to take a senior job in German nursing homes later, you will complete a nursing management course. This course of study is offered as a humanities degree course at colleges and is specifically aimed at those nurses who have completed a three-year vocational training either as a health and nursing staff, health and child nurses or geriatric nurses. However, even applicants without a nursing education have a chance to attend this program, but they usually need at least the school part of the Fachhochschulreife and so-called practical evidence in the undergraduate studies. The students should be given in-depth knowledge in the management of care facilities, so that they are later able to take on leading positions in health care. The degree program includes the following areas: quality management,Ethics , Risk Management, Nursing Science, Controlling, Personnel Management, Business Administration, Labor Law and Marketing. The study of nursing management is currently offered at 21 colleges in Germany and completed with a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The suitability for the nurse

Not every person is capable of becoming a good caregiver. The field of care includes many things that are associated with negative feelings, much like the profession of the doctor or the nurse. However, these professions are all the more important and therefore it is important that we have committed and well-qualified people in the field of nursing in our society who were able to complete the studies successfully and with fun. Anyone who has taken good care of biology at school and is otherwise very interested in his fellow human beings has good qualifications to become a good caregiver later on. It is one of the most social professions and therefore it is also important that those who practice this profession have a very social life of their own and that they radiate it. A very big heart,

Universities for a nursing course

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