Inventor (ENTP)

Note: Each person is an individual in his own way. In no case the properties, described here, apply fully to you. They serve merely as an inspiration.

Innovative entrepreneurial spirit inventor types (ENTP) are constantly searching for up to date improvement, and better ways, by considering new projects, new companies, and new processes. They always want to "build a better mouse trap". Inventors with rational temperament begin to build devices and mechanisms during their childhood, and they never give up. As adults, they create contacts to social or technical organizations, due to their ingenuity.

Inventors are immensely curious, and continuously seeking for new possibilities, especially when dealing with a complex problem. They refuse to do something a certain way, just because it has always been done so. This enables them to bring forth “fresh and new” ideas, allowing them to integrate these into their method of working.

Inventors are full of ideas, but appreciate ideas only if they create a particular benefit. They are highly pragmatic, and look at product design not as an end in itself, but as a means to an end, a way to design a prototype that works and can be introduced to the market. They develop internal competition in  designing, and developing, the most effective resources, to achieve their goals.

Pragmatism means always trying to solve existing problems in new ways.

You could also call such a person a "visionary", because he/she has so many creative, and innovative, ideas.


ENTP inventors account for only about 5% of the population. There are more male, than female, representatives of this type.

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