Consultant (INFJ)

Note: Each person is an individual in his own way. In no case the properties, described here, apply fully to you. They serve merely as an inspiration.

Consultants (INFJ) are friendly, and positive in dealing with others. They are good listeners, and seem to have a natural interest in helping people with their personal problems. They have idealistic temperaments. Consultants do not enjoy leadership roles, but rather prefer to work intensively with people they have close contact with, thereby exerting their influence behind the scenes.

Consultants have an unusually strong desire to contribute to the prosperity of others, and find great personal fulfillment in assisting people, promoting their personal development, and guiding them toward realizing their personal potential. Consultants are rare, and can be difficult to recognize, because they tend to communicate only to close contacts, about their innermost thoughts, and their strong emotional reactions. They are very reserved personalities, with an unusually rich, and complex, inner life.

You could also call these types psychologists, or philosophers, as INFJs think a lot about other peoples’ lives, and give others supportive advice.


INFJ belong, with approximately 2-3% of the population, to the rarest types. As they are very much concerned with the well-being of others, which is of course very unusual.

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