Composer (ISFP)

Note: Each person is an individual in his own way. In no case the properties, described here, apply fully to you. They serve merely as an inspiration.

Composer, or connoisseur, (ISFP) is not a real profession, but rather the temperament, of many people. They are hunters by temperament. They live in harmony with their senses, and have a secure sense of what is, and what is not, acceptable in all kinds of artwork. They have an exceptional ability to work with the finest nuances in color, tone, texture, aroma and taste.

Composers often invest many, lonely, hours expressing their artistic talent. They act impulsively, in the here and now, with little or no planning and preparation. Composers are hypnotized, and are swept up in a whirlwind, by the process of artistic creation. Whether they paint or carve a statue, dance or skate, compose or create a recipe – they simply do it, because they cannot refuse or resist their inner impulse to do so. The creative act “comes from within” them.

You could also call this person a Muse. IPFS are rarely represented, making up about 5% of the population.

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