Comedian (ENFP)

Note: Each person is an individual in his own way. In no case the properties, described here, apply fully to you. They serve merely as an inspiration.

Comedians (ENFP) are lively and enthusiastic, and consider intense emotional experiences as essential for a fulfilled life. They are idealists. They see life as an exciting drama, full of good and evil possibilities, and feel the urge to experience as many meaningful events, and fascinating people, as possible. They carry great passion for the new and strange.

Comedians are extremely sociable and are eager to tell others about their extraordinary experiences. They can tirelessly talk like rippling and bubbling springs. Not only do they love to narrate. They also speak and write, often in the hope of revealing truth about human events and experiences, or to motivate others through their powerful convictions.


They represent about 6% of the population.

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