Study English Studies – colleges, aptitude test and NC

Study English Studies - colleges, aptitude test and NCWith the Anglistik study to the language genius. Anglists manage to gain a foothold in various sectors and fields of activity with their eloquence. Here you can learn all about the professions, the bachelor and master in English.

Frequently asked questions and answers about studying English

What does English literature mean?

English is the name of science that deals with the English language, cultures and literature. Unlike many may suspect, the study is not about learning the English language, because very good English skills are usually required by the universities. It is more about linguistics, cultural history and linguistics. Many universities already offer a specialization on the target culture Great Britain or the USA (American Studies) for the bachelor degree program already in their undergraduate studies.

Why should you study English?

You wonder who studied English and why? Then you are exactly right here.

Some well-known Anglisten are for example Wolfgang Büttner, Udo Lattek, Fritz Widmer, Herbert black forests, Luise F. Pusch, Doris Stump, Michael Augustin and Franz Rottensteiner. As can be seen from the biography of such personalities, English graduates need to be open to many career opportunities. Approximately 1.5 billion people speak the English language worldwide. You can set yourself apart from the masses by, for example, gaining experience abroad, internships in communication departments, cultural projects in politics, associations or organizations. The choice of subjects during the study can also be decisive. Regardless of whether you focus on the teaching profession or the private sector, at least two to three different subjects should be combined in your studies.

Which professions are possible with English Studies?

English graduates can work after graduation as a teacher, lecturer, translator, copywriter, journalist but also in many communication professions. For example, the corporate communications departments, press offices and marketing departments are among the typical areas of application for Englishmen. Many companies offer their own English courses for their employees, so that also in the education within the companies employment is possible.

Does English Studies fit in with me?

The study of English studies is concerned with the English language and literature. If you are interested in studying, you should have had a lot of English at school and, above all, read a lot. Often, students need to read several books within a week. Keeping this for several semesters requires a certain amount of enthusiasm. In addition to a university entrance qualification (usually the general university entrance qualification at universities), most universities insist on an additional language test. After all, interested people should already have a good to very good level of English before starting their studies.

Fitness test for those interested

Those who, despite their love for English literature and books, are not sure whether they are suitable for studying English should consult a self-assessment. With this aptitude test, you can make sure easier and make a better decision.

Which minor subject is possible with English Studies?

As already mentioned, the study of English is very theoretical. As a rule, the syllabus is divided into literary and linguistics. In any case, the subjects of study include recent literary studies, linguistics and older literary studies. In addition, there are a number of selectable modules. These vary according to the university and may, for example, be subjects such as “English-language literature from the Middle Ages to the present”, “American literature” and other optional subjects.

Planning a career as a teacher after completing your studies also includes subjects such as pedagogy and didactics. The study itself usually lasts six semesters in the Bachelor’s degree. Following this, English studies can be continued in a master’s program, which is required, for example, for teaching at grammar schools. The master’s degree program comprises another four semesters. If you want to set a different focus, you can choose as a minor subject, depending on the offer of the university marketing, business administration, psychology, law (law) and others.

Where can you study English without NC?

In contrast to degree programs such as medicine or psychology, many higher education institutions offer an English-language degree program with a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree without an NC. Whether it makes it harder, or easier, everyone has to decide for themselves. Here are some of the largest universities with and without NC to choose from:

Universitycourse of studiessemesterNCwait semester
LMU MunichEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
RUB BochumEnglish language and literatureSS 20162.35
University of BielefeldEnglish language and literatureSS 20164.00
University of DusseldorfEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of GreifswaldEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
Uni Halle-WittenbergEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of HamburgEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20162.84
University of JenaEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of KasselEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of LeipzigEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of OldenburgEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of RegensburgEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of RostockEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of SaarlandEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of StuttgartEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of TrierEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of UlmEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00
University of WürzburgEnglish language and literatureWS 2015/20164.00


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